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15 November 2022

Fire Angel products deliver your every need for mew carbon and smoke alarm regulations

Just last month, laws in England concerning the use of smoke alarms changed significantly. As a result of this change, it is now a legal requirement for landlords to make sure there are smoke alarms installed on each storey of their property. On top of this, landlords will now be required to fix or swap out any faulty alarms. Furthermore, it is also legally required for landlords to fit a Carbon Monoxide alarm in any room that features a fixed combustion appliance, meaning appliances such as boilers, fires, and water heaters.

This change is a positive one for residents across the UK as this will help massively with keeping tenants safe from Carbon Monoxide poisoning and fires, an issue which affects more UK citizens than you might have originally thought.


Where Smith Bros come in

One key part of the new ruling which we haven't covered yet is that the CO and smoke alarms which need installation also have to comply with BS EN 14604 and EN 50291-1 regulations as well as carry either a British or a European approval mark, an example of this is a kite mark. All of our products meet these criteria.

     Thankfully, we have excellent quality goods from top fire & security brands such as Fire Angel. Fire Angel is an unbeatable blend of affordability and quality, meeting all necessary standards and regulations while simultaneously meeting a brilliant standard when it comes to pricing for our customers.

Their newest range of products is in stock at Smith Bros today! Our bestsellers from the specification range include the FS1326-T 10-Year battery CO alarm which is Smart RF ready for wireless compatibility, making it the perfect modern CO alarm to go for in 2022. The SM-SN-1 Multi-Sensor Smoke Alarm which is mains powered but comes with a lithium battery backup with a ten-year lifespan, this product also features Smart RF functionality for wireless compatibility, resulting in the perfect pairing alongside the FS1326-T. Finally, the HM-SN-1 rounds out our list of favourites from the specification range, this enhanced heat alarm isn't a complete legal necessity however it is still a great choice to install on your property regardless; also featuring a lithium backup battery with a ten-year lifespan, the HM-SN-1 again comes with Smart RF technology and is mains powered.


Get in touch today

Want more in the way of pricing or ready to place an order with us? Contact us through the details listed below, we will be more than happy to help with any queries. Thank you! 

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Fire Angel products deliver your every need for mew carbon and smoke alarm regulations