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Since the emergence of the Coronavirus, Smith Bros have been working very hard to help and support many of our Local Authorities, NHS and Care Homes by providing vital supplies of PPE. This endeavour will continue as we seek to improve supply chain logistics and stock levels for equipment that is critically required. We are proud to have been a small part in helping the NHS save lives and businesses safeguarding their teams.

Preventing COVID-19 in the workplace


We believe the UK Government will shortly be announcing a phased easing on the current lockdown. This however will only be possible if businesses can operate and comply within the Governments PPE requirements to keep their teams protected, which means Masks, Hand Sanitisers and Gloves will certainly be part of the PPE required.

We have diligently sourced PPE that has been certified and verified by the UK Government, meaning that all the equipment we offer, including hand sanitisers, masks, gloves, and goggles meet the UK’s safety certifications/standards.



What we can offer


Masks and Respiratory Protection



Sanitiser Stands



Full Face Visor

Sneeze/ Cough Gaurd




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We're here to help

We understand that for a lot of businesses and local authorities navigating Personal Protective Equiptment and new Government Guidelines will be very a difficult task. Recognising that many businesses will struggle financially to get started again, let alone invest in PPE and hygiene equipment, we will also be offering financial packages that spread the load of outright purchase at affordable levels of repayment.

The surge in demand from many sectors will be huge and stocks that are already in very short supply will quickly run out. In anticipation of this please see below on how Smith Bros can and will fully support your business with your phased return to work. It is vital for you to have a secure and stable PPE supply to ensure you can re-start and continue your work programmes.





X- Mist Sanitiser and Deodoriser

Sanitise a room or vehicle in one hour

X-Mist is an automatic room sanitiser that effectively kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria. It keeps you and your team safe from illnesses found on surfaces and in the air, whilst also eliminating bad odours such as cigarettes, wet pets, and mould. Comes with soothing tea tree fragrance.

Sanitises rooms and vehicles- eradicates bacterias and viruses. 






Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Stations (Floor Standing and Table Top)

Stands are provided with bespoke client branding and can be located both indoor and outdoor

Refillable CE approved Automatic Battery-Operated Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Unit –1,000ml capacity. Lightweight yet robust and sturdy, the station has a 1.5ml dispense rate. This is a powder coated metal unit that uses registered counter lever design. It also has a small footprint, (45cm W x 45cm D x 150cm H), making it easy to move and wipe clean.

Manufactured in the UK.









Due to the supply of stock, please conact us at ppe@smithbrosuk.com for up-to-date prices