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Featured Products


As a company with over two centuries of history and experience in the industry, we have cultivated strong and long-standing members of staff as part of our Smith Bros family. 

The  experience and knowledge of our team has grown over the countless years they have been with us and have therefore become trusted experts in their respective fields, allowing us to offer insight into which products specific interest. 

Together, we have a real passion for providing and celebrating innovative solutions, which is why this Featured Products page was developed. We have a strong commitment to routinely deliveringly the best products we can to our customers.


Yale Smart Living offers a perfect solution to smart home security. Yale Smart Living offers you trust, convenience and connectivity through the touch of a button on your smartphone and underpinned by over 175 years of security expertise. So you can protect the people and things that matter most and feel in control, from anywhere.

So what is it?

Yale Smart Living put simply is a range of smart home security products that excel at connectivity, usability, and simplicity, making them perfect for the avid DIY-er to the DI-never. The range includes Smart Door Locks, indoor and outdoor WiFi Cameras and Smart Home Alarms. 

This is Yale’s range of home security devices that aims to not only helps you protect, monitor and control your home, but also allows you to do this from anywhere, at any time via your smartphone or tablet. Smart Living brings convenience and peace-of-mind freeing you up to enjoy the things that really matter.




  Why do we love with range?

With this range you are able to build a Yale Ecosystem to suit your home, which is integrated under one seamless, single-point-of-access – the Yale Home App. Centring around the Yale Smart Home Hub, all app enabled products in the Yale Smart Living range can work together as part of a connected Smart Home security system.

This gives you effortless control of your home with absolute peace of mind.

Best of all theres no monthly fee or contract and enhanced encrypted security, all from a trusted brand well known for security.

To learn more visit Yale Smart Living's webpage or call us today on 01302 366922 to have a chat with our team.



Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock Sync Smart Home Alarm All-In-One Outdoor Camera
conexis-hr-ch-2000px.jpg yale-sync-1.jpg all-in-one_camera_product_shots_2000x2000px_yale1267.jpg



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